Returns Policy

Qwixby Returns Policy

Standard Returns Policy

This Policy forms part of the Qwixby Terms and Conditions, words defined in the Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this Returns Policy unless the context indicates otherwise. Nothing in this Policy is intended to limit your statutory rights in any way.

This Policy applies to products bought from Qwixby itself and from Third Party Sellers indicated as Vendors with each product. 

Return Requests

If your product arrives Dead On Arrival (DOA) or you are returning as a warranty claim please note that you first need to contact Qwixby and report the problem, Qwixby will then reply with the instructions related to the Vendor.

When reporting the return, please state your order number and attach your original invoice.

To ensure your request is processed as quickly as possible you are responsible for the following when returning your products:

  • Package your products safely and securely for protection during transit.
  • Include all accessories and parts that were sold with the product.
  • Add the original invoice.
  • Add a note – stating what is wrong with the product.
  • Add your name and contact number so you can be contacted with feedback.

Warranty terms and conditions

The warranty on each product is stated on the price list. If you are not sure about the warranty of a product then call a member of our sales team for clarification.

The warranty period is calculated from the original date of purchase.

Warranty is only applicable to the reseller and is not transferable to any other party.

Warranty on products such as Multinational brands is handled by the Authorised Service Providers (ASP)for that product. Please see the list below.

Any software packages, recordable media, consumables, cables and cartridges do not carry any warranty.

All Power adaptors, Notebook batteries, UPS batteries, Entry level Power Supply Units (PSU), Projector lamps and Remotes control only carry a 3-month warranty unless specified otherwise.

Items must be returned in their original packaging with accessories when faulty.

Qwixby and related Vendors do not collect or deliver warranty items to nor from the Clients premises.  

Warranty Replacement Procedure

Qwixby and related Vendors do not collect or deliver warranty items to nor from the Clients premises.  

All items brought in for Warranty purposes must first be tested and verified by a technician in the service centre before a replacement is issued.

Any data on an item must be backed up before it is brought in for warranty repairs, we do not take responsibility for any loss of data, please ensure the relevant back-ups have been done prior to returning the item.

Any repair time stated by the Technician or Workshop manager is merely a guideline, items may take longer for repairs to be completed but we will endeavour to get the product back to you as soon as possible.

No items in the workshop will be released without the original Customer Repair Order (CRO) document.

The warranty period on any replacement item will be a continuance from the original date of purchase. 

Should any item reach end-of-life during the warranty period, a credit will be passed in accordance with our credit policy

Should any item be out of stock during the warranty period, either a similar item of the equivalent specification can be requested or a credit can be passed in accordance with our credit policy?

Dead of Arrival products(DOA): 7 Day Swop-out Policy and Conditions. 

DOA products such as Notebooks, Printers, LCD/LED Monitors, and TVs have 3rd party Authorised Service Provider (ASP) for those products – Please see the list below.

The Original Invoice will be required to be produced to the Authorised Service Provider (ASP) to verify the date of purchase on the item taken in as a DOA.

No DOA item can be exchanged without the prior approval of the Authorised Service Provider (ASP)

DOA on items that will only be accepted in the original packaging with all cables, manuals, accessories etc.

The DOA item must be returned with the original invoice for Identification and verifying purposes.

These products if purchased in the first 7 days must first be tested and verified by a technician.

No credits will be issued if replacement items are available in stock, (items may at times be couriered from another Vendor branch as a replacement)

The warranty period on any replacement item will be a continuance from the original date of purchase. 

Authorised Service Provider (ASP) List

The following products must be taken to the Authorised Service Providers (ASP) for approval and/or authorisation for credit or swop.

  • Acer – Acer
  • AOC – Partserve
  • Dell – Dell
  • Hisense – Hisense
  • HP – Ensure IT
  • Lenovo – Partserve
  • LG – Executronics
  • Philips – Philips
  • Samsung – CRT
  • Sinotec – Sinotec
  • Telefunken – Nu World

Credit Notes and Exchange policy 

Please ensure that the product you purchase is correct as soon as they are delivered as no credit notes or any product exchange will be done on an item that has been opened or used unless the item is faulty.

A credit note will be passed on items not in stock at the prevailing price or based on an equivalent specification, whichever is lower.

A credit note will be passed on a end-of-life (no longer in production) item at the prevailing price (based on equivalent specification) or based on an equivalent specification, whichever is lower.

Any item being credited that has more than a 12-month supplier warranty will be subject to a depreciation fee which will be based on the following %

  • Months 13-24 (from the original date of purchase), all items will be subject to a 15% depreciation fee.
  • Months 25-36 (from the original date of purchase) will be subject to a 20% depreciation fee.
  • Months 37-48+ (from the original date of purchase) will be subject to a 25% depreciation fee.

Qwixby and related Vendors do not collect or deliver warranty items to nor from the Clients premises.  

The Following Results In A Product Warranty Declared Null And Void:

  • Physical Damage on the product that has been caused by misuse, poor handling, Burn marks on the product, modification or repair by any 3rd party.
  • Missing serial number or any other original labels.
  • Tampered or broken seals.
  • Items such as CPUs that have overheated due to incorrect use of the fan, overclocking -No exceptions will be made.
  • Items such as motherboards that have been damaged by incorrect use of Bios upgrades and overclocking and modifications and damaged pins.
  • Items that have been mishandled, damaged due to Power surges, “Brownouts” or struck by lightning will not be tested or booked in.
  • Items that have been marked, written on or tampered with in any other way.
  • Items such as hard disks, memory, processors and VGA cards etc, even if they are defective if they are not brought back in an antistatic bag or in their original packaging.

Refunds on Services/Software

Website and Software Products

Once a project is started NO refunds will be made. All our products are exempt from being returned unless specified otherwise in the written quote and service agreement or covered by a Money Back Guarantee that will be stipulated in the service agreement.

Refunds on software or services will only be made on Written E-mail Refund Requests that we received and confirm as received before the commencement of any project. Once a software project starts NO refunds will be made. In many cases, this is because “Stock” in the form of tangible or intangible goods will be purchased to complete certain projects.

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