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Sceedo Mokuru Fidget Roller Stick Stress Toy | SCMKCOATSIL01

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Sceedo Mokuru Fidget Roller Stick Stress Toy Aluminium alloy and Silicone Coated Finish Silver , Retail Box, No warranty

Product Overview

The Sceedo Mokuru Fidget Roller Stick Stress Toy is an amazing magnetic toy without any limits, It has a simple  design with endless possibilities that will test your creativity and  dexterity. This amazing unique fidget toy with simple spinner stick design great for kids and adults alike It is a great desktop toy to kill time, release stress, and train your focus and hand-eye coordination.

The great news is that you can play with Sceedo Mokuru Fidget Roller Stick Stress Toy anywhere you like! During development, it was extremely important to us that the design of MOKURU was one that would look great anywhere, from your home to the bar or your office desk. When it comes to when and where you can play with MOKURU, there are no limits.

Play with Sceedo Mokuru for fun or sharpen your skills and style to become a master. You can even play Sceedo Mokuru with friends. Tip the stick over gently and it will flip then  use  your hands to balance and flip it left to right or up and down. After you’re familiar with the basics skills try to practice advanced skills by creating more shapes and moves. and start inventing your own unique tricks! Check out the hundreds of videos online like the one below for some tricks and examples of the different mastery levels
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-Aluminium alloy and Silicone Coated Finish
-A good choice for killing time, helps relieve stress.
-Great for fidgety hands and ADHD sufferers.
-Suitable for everyone, to help improve your focus and hand-eye coordination.
-Great for All Ages, Young and Old Alike.
-Providing endless trick possibilities for both the beginner and the seasoned master.
-Check out the hundreds of videos online for some tricks and examples of the different mastery levels
How To Play
Use your hands to balance and flip the Sceedo Mokuru desktop toy left to right or up and down

Basic Functions

1.Basic-Flip -Use one finger to flip desktop toy from left to right.
2.Basic-Square- Flip desktop toy at four points to draw a square.
3.Basic-Triangle-Flip desktop toy at three points to draw a triangle.


• Stock Code SCMKCOATSIL01
• Description Sceedo Mokuru Fidget Roller Stick Stress Toy Aluminium alloy and Silicone Coated Finish Silver
• Form factor Fidget roller Stick Stress Toy
• Colour Aluminium alloy and Silicone Coated Finish Silver
• Packaging Retail Box
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Shipping Details
Length: 2.75 cm
Width: 6.40 cm
Height: 9.35 cm
Weight: 0.04 Kg
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