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Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer | H370BIT-WD

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Spacious Storage
Convenient Water Dispenser
Flexible Door Placement

Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer, Non-Plumbed 2 Litre Water Dispenser, Fridge Compartment Capacity 200 Litre, Bottom Freezer Capacity 63 Litre, Free Standing Ultra-Slim Design, Defrost Cooling, Long Life LED Lighting, Removable Tempered Glass Shelves, Recessed Handle, Reversible Doors, Retail Box, 1-year Warranty.


Product Overview

The Hisense [H370BIT-WD] 263 Litre Ultra Slim Design Free Standing Fridge is a sleek and versatile addition to modern kitchens. With a spacious 200-litre fridge compartment and a 63-litre bottom freezer, it caters to your storage needs.

The non-plumbed 2-litre water dispenser, integrated into the fridge door, ensures convenient access to chilled water without the hassle of plumbing. Its Defrost Cooling Technology guarantees ideal storage conditions, preserving the freshness of your food.

The reversible door feature provides unmatched flexibility, allowing you to adjust the door direction based on your kitchen’s layout, ensuring easy access to your essentials without constraints from surrounding structures.


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  • Free Standing 347 Litre Net Capacity Fridge And Freezer Combination
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Includes Non-Plumbed 2 Litre Water Dispenser
  • Fridge Compartment Capacity 200 Litre
  • Bottom Freezer Capacity 63 Litre
  • Defrost Cooling Technology
  • Long Life LED Lighting
  • Low Noise Level 42 dB(A)
  • Removable Tempered Glass Shelves
  • Reversible Doors,
  • Titanium Inox Finish



  • Stock Code: H370BIT-WD
  • Description: Hisense 263 Litre Fridge And Freezer Combination
  • Product Type: Free Standing Fridge And Freezer Combination
  • Water Dispenser: Non-Plumbed 2 Litre
  • Door Profile: Rounded, with an Integrated Recessed Handle
  • Control System: Mechanical
  • Thermostat: Adjustable
  • Voltage: 220 to 240V at 50Hz
  • Max Storage Time By Power Failure (Freezer): 15 hours
  • Energy Consumption per Year: 324 kWh
  • Shelves: Adjustable and Spill-Proof
  • Dimensions (W / D / H) with Integrated Handle: 595×590×1850 mm
  • Net Weight: 60.1 kg
  • Colour: Titanium Inox Finish


Product Images

Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer
Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer
Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer
Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer
Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer
Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer
Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer
Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer


Review: Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer

The Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer is a remarkable addition to any modern kitchen, offering a combination of convenience and functionality. With its non-plumbed 2-litre water dispenser, ample storage capacity, and innovative features, this appliance caters to the needs of households seeking a reliable refrigerator and freezer solution.


  • Spacious Storage: The fridge compartment boasts a generous 200-litre capacity, providing ample room to store a wide variety of food items, including meats, dairy products, and fresh produce.
  • Water Dispenser: The built-in 2-litre water dispenser is a standout feature, offering chilled water without the need for plumbing. This convenience is a significant advantage for those who enjoy easy access to refreshing drinks.
  • Defrost Cooling Technology: The inclusion of defrost cooling technology ensures optimal storage conditions, helping to keep your food fresh for an extended period.
  • Flexible Reversible Doors: The reversible door feature allows you to hinge the door on either the left or right side, adapting to your kitchen’s layout. This flexibility is a real advantage, as it eliminates concerns about obstacles hindering door access.
  • Ultra-Slim Design: The slim design not only saves space but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.


  • Limited Freezer Capacity: While the fridge compartment is generously sized, the bottom freezer has a 63-litre capacity. For those who require more frozen storage, this might be a limitation.
  • Single-Year Warranty: The product comes with a 1-year warranty, which is relatively short compared to some competitors. Longer warranties could provide more peace of mind.

Meeting the Needs of Households:

The Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer is designed to cater to the needs of households looking for a reliable and efficient refrigerator and freezer combination. With its spacious fridge compartment, water dispenser, and flexible door hinge options, it provides convenience, storage, and adaptability for various kitchen setups.

Value for Money:

This appliance offers good value for money, considering its spacious storage, water dispenser, and defrost cooling technology. The convenience of not needing plumbing for the water dispenser and the flexibility of reversible doors enhance its value proposition.

Overall Rating:

We rate the Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer highly for its exceptional storage capacity, non-plumbed water dispenser, and defrost cooling technology. While it may have some limitations in terms of freezer capacity and warranty duration, its overall performance and features make it a strong choice for modern kitchens.

In conclusion, the Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer is a valuable addition to any South African kitchen.

It caters to the needs of households seeking convenience, ample storage, and advanced cooling technology. With a stylish design and flexibility in door placement, it offers a well-rounded solution for keeping your food fresh and beverages chilled.

Problem & Solution Scenario:


Limited kitchen space restricts the positioning of the fridge, causing inconvenience and hindering accessibility for users.


The Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer’s reversible door feature enables flexible door placement, allowing users to install the appliance in any kitchen layout without space constraints, ensuring convenient access to stored items.

Top Reasons to Buy the Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer

  • Spacious Storage: 200L fridge capacity for diverse food storage.
  • Convenient Water Dispenser: 2L non-plumbed dispenser for easy access.
  • Flexible Door Placement: Reversible doors adapt to any kitchen layout.
  • Modern Design: Sleek Titanium Inox finish for a stylish kitchen.
  • Enhanced Freshness: Defrost cooling technology preserves food longer.

FAQs: Related to Hisense 263L Titanium Inox Fridge and Freezer

Question: Is the Hisense 263L Fridge noisy?

  • No, it operates quietly at a noise level of 42 dB(A).
  • The low noise won’t disturb your household activities.

Question: Can the water dispenser be connected to a water source?

  • No, the 2L water dispenser doesn’t require plumbing.
  • It provides chilled water without the need for a direct connection.

Question: Is the Hisense 263L Fridge energy-efficient?

  • Yes, it consumes 324 kWh/year, ensuring energy savings.
  • Its efficient performance aligns with modern energy standards.
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