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Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves | 201785475004

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Premium Protection
Comfortable Fit
Non-Slip Grip

Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves, Box of 100, Size Large, Natural White Rubber Latex, Non-sterile, Ambidextrous, Retail Box, No Warranty.

Product Overview

The Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves are premium quality examination gloves made of natural rubber latex that protects your hands from undesirable materials, Bacteria or Viruses, These Powder Free Gloves are non-sterile, ambidextrous and disposable.

These gloves are also Non-slip even if they are wet. The size of these Gloves is Large Suitable For Medical Procedures And Examinations and also for protection against the spread of infections and viruses,

Sold as a Box of 100 Gloves / 50 pairs


  • Stock Code 201785475004
  • Description Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves Box Of 100 Large
  • Product Type Natural Rubber Latex And Powder Free Disposable Ambidextrous Gloves
  • Product Size Large
  • Textured Fingertips That Feel Like The Touch Of Skin!
  • Non-Slippery! No Slipping, Even When Wet!
  • Suitable For Medical Procedures And Examinations And Also For Protection Against Spread Of Infections And Viruses
  • Sold as a Box of 100 Gloves / 50 pairs
  • Colour White /Beige

Product Image

latex-gloves-201785475004 - Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves - caseylatex01

Review: Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves An Exceptional Barrier Against Contaminants

The Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves provide a robust solution for safeguarding your hands against unwanted substances, bacteria, and viruses. Crafted from premium natural rubber latex, these gloves offer a superior level of protection that is essential in various settings. With a focus on quality and practicality, these gloves exhibit several strengths while also presenting a few limitations.


  • Premium Protection: These gloves are meticulously designed to shield your hands effectively from undesirable materials, bacteria, and viruses. The natural rubber latex construction acts as a formidable barrier, making them ideal for medical procedures, examinations, and daily protective use.
  • Powder-Free Comfort: The absence of powder in these gloves ensures a comfortable and irritation-free experience, making them suitable for extended wear. The textured fingertips offer a tactile sensation that closely resembles the natural touch of skin, enhancing precision and grip.
  • Non-Slip Assurance: One of the standout features of these gloves is their non-slip characteristic, even when wet. This attribute is crucial in situations where maintaining a firm grip is essential, providing a consistent level of control regardless of the conditions.
  • Ambidextrous Design: The ambidextrous nature of these gloves ensures ease of use, eliminating the need to distinguish between left and right gloves. This practical design choice enhances convenience and minimizes the chances of misapplication.
  • Wide Range of Applications: These gloves are tailored to cater to a diverse range of needs. From medical procedures and examinations to safeguarding against the spread of infections and viruses, they prove to be a versatile protective solution.
  • Generous Quantity: Sold in a box of 100 gloves (50 pairs), these gloves offer great value for users who require a substantial supply. This packaging choice is ideal for both professional and personal use.


  • No Warranty: One limitation to note is the absence of a warranty for these gloves. While the product is designed to perform its intended functions, users might have concerns about potential defects or issues arising during usage.
  • Single Colour Option: The gloves are available only in the standard white/beige colour. While the colour might not impact their functionality, some users might appreciate more colour choices for differentiation.

Meeting User Needs:

The Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves stand as a commendable solution that fulfils the requirements of those seeking reliable hand protection. Their premium quality, powder-free design, and non-slip feature cater to various user preferences. These gloves resonate particularly well with medical professionals, individuals seeking daily protection, and those focused on maintaining hygiene in the face of infections.

Value for Money:

Considering their exceptional protective attributes and versatile applications, the Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves offer substantial value for money. The absence of powder ensures comfort during extended wear, while the non-slip design enhances usability in diverse situations. The generous quantity provided in each box reinforces their cost-effectiveness, making them a wise investment for both professional and personal use.

Overall Rating:

With their premium quality, non-slip design, and wide-ranging applications, the Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves earn a solid rating. Their effective protection against contaminants, bacteria, and viruses aligns well with user needs. While a warranty absence and limited colour options are worth considering, the strengths of these gloves firmly establish them as a reliable choice for those seeking uncompromising hand protection.

Top Reasons to Choose Casey ExamPro Latex Gloves:

  • Premium Protection: Secure your hands with latex gloves that shield against contaminants and viruses.
  • Comfortable Fit: Powder-free design ensures irritation-free, comfortable wear during extended use.
  • Non-Slip Grip: Maintain control even when wet, thanks to the gloves’ non-slip feature.
  • Versatile Use: From medical procedures to everyday protection, these gloves adapt to various needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Get exceptional value with a box of 100 gloves, ideal for professionals and personal use.

FAQs: Related to Casey ExamPro Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves

Question: What is the main advantage of using powder-free latex gloves?

  • Comfortable Wear: Powder-free design prevents skin irritation, ensuring a comfortable fit during prolonged use.
  • Clean Environment: The absence of powder minimizes contamination risks, making them suitable for various applications.

Question: Are latex powder-free gloves better than nitrile gloves?

  • Latex Advantage: Latex gloves offer superior tactile sensitivity and fit, providing a natural feel during tasks.
  • Consider Nitrile: Nitrile gloves are an alternative for those with latex allergies, providing strong chemical resistance.

Question: What is the difference between powder-free gloves and powdered gloves?

  • Powder-Free Excellence: Powder-free gloves eliminate the risk of allergen exposure, making them safer for users.
  • Powdered Risks: Powdered gloves may cause allergies and contaminate environments due to the powder particles.

Question: Are powder-free latex gloves food safe?

  • Safe for Food Handling: Yes, these gloves are suitable for food handling tasks, ensuring hygiene and safety.
  • Reliable Protection: The latex material acts as a protective barrier against potential contaminants in food environments.
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