Quickfood Customer Support

Quickfood Dedicated Support System

Quickfood offers two types of customer support. The first is Feature Request Support and the second is Real-Time Technical Support.

Easily Request Application Features

Feature Request

Quickfood constantly grows with new features to make running your business easier. Customers can easily request new features. We evaluate the possibility of adding the requested features, and if it is possible, we add the feature to the application. This makes it available for all our subscribers.

Personal Technical Support

Tech Support

Quickfood is designed to make managing your business easy in every possible way. That is also true when it comes to technical support. Quickfood Admin and POS have direct communication with tech support. If you are stuck simply start the conversation and we can assist.

Features Request

Do you need help troubleshooting an issue? Our knowledgeable and friendly tech support team is standing by to assist you at any time.

Once you use Quickfood, you will never have to worry about updates or paying for costly new specialized modules. We constantly add new features to Quickfood and these features roll out to all our customers.

Something missing? Lodge a Feature Request with us and we add it to the system.

Our technical support team is available to help 24 hours a day. We’re doing everything we can to make your experience with us easy, so if you ever have any questions or run into any problems, we’ve got you covered.

The Different Parts Of Hosting Quickfood

Domain Name

Your Domain Name is the Web Address where your Application resides. If your business is named “John’s Pub”, you can register www.johns-pub.co.za

This is then the address your cashiers and managers etc. use to log into your Quickfood Application. Domain Name Registration varies in cost, depending on the extension, e.g. .co.za or .com.

All the required domain name costs are incorporated into your monthly invoice and indicated separately from the other hosting costs.

Virtual Machine

Opposed to being limited by expensive server hardware you buy, Google Cloud service offers scalable compute engines.

  • General purpose workloads
  • Ultra-high memory
  • Compute-intensive workloads
  • Most demanding applications and workloads

Quickfood helps you to select the correct machine in the cloud that suits your requirements.

VM’s can be upgraded or downgraded to save costs at any time.

Storage Space

Just as in the case of processing power with VM’s, you do have the ability to tailor your storage space according to your business requirements.

The Quickfood application and the supporting servers etc. are all lightweight and require a tiny amount of space to work. The rest depends on how many products and customers you serve.

During set-up we start you with the minimum required space to suit you and save money. As your business grows the storage is then scaled to comply with your needs.

Quickfood Hosting Advantages

Cloud Service

Pay For Usage

Because Quickfood is hosted in the cloud, you pay only for the resources you use. Each new account is set up at a minimum monthly cost.

After the first month, your usage is evaluated your account is adjusted accordingly. This means that if you use less than the minimum monthly cost as assigned during set-up, we then provide a rebate.

This way your monthly hosting cost is brought to a minimum that relates to your usage.

Data Security In The Cloud

Because Quickfood is a cloud-based application, you can rest assured knowing that your data is safe. Unlike on-site hardware that is prone to theft and breakdowns, cloud-based applications like Quickfood are not prone to data loss.

Quickfood offers additional data security, apart from the data security offered by the cloud. Daily backups of your entire application are made during the end of day procedure.

This means that the hardware you use, like your computers or tablets, to make transactions can at any time break down or go missing with no loss of data, you simply log in from your new device and continue to work as nothing happened.

Cloud Backup