Quickfood POS & BMS

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A POS system for Retail Business

It is all about User Experience. Quickfood is a responsive application that gives its users easy access to role-specific functions.

Access to the cloud comes in two main formats. The Admin Application and the POS Application. These two applications allow for controlled access to role dependant functions.

Quickfood Tablets

The admin application allows management to see and manipulate detailed real-time and historical information that allows for business management functions.

The POS application provides cashiers with the ability to perform sales transactions and get information regarding products. Additionally, users can see their performance reports, shifts, and payment information.

All the tools you need to take control.

Real-Time Stock Management

Stock Count

Managing Stock is very important and gives you the ability to reduce losses and never run short. Quickfood is packed with stock managing tools.

Count Stock
Daily counts
Products Manager

It’s All About The People.

Team Icon

Form a better understanding of your operations with the People Features. Know who is currently active in your shop and stay in contact with your staff.


Manage Cash In Real-Time

Cash Management

Move Cash, increase floats, track expenses, book and receive invoices from suppliers. All crucial parts of Managing Cash to eliminate losses.


Easily Monitor Performance.


Quickly identify problem areas and implement fixes by monitoring various performance matrices. Sales targets, staff efficiency and transaction tracking.

Stock Level

Staff Management Features

Staff Management

Streamline your workflow with mobile functionality like planning shifts, managing wages, activating cash-up and publishing internal memos from anywhere or any device.

Gambling LPM & Fic Management

LPM Gaming * Fic Icon

Improve employee efficiency with Gambling FIC limit notifications and FIC form printing and ID documents storage facility. Easily stay within national legal gambling requirements.

Sell Your Products

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Hosting Options

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud

Quickfood is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. This ensures safety and security. GCP provides 99.99% uptime and secure access to your private Quickfood application from anywhere.

Scalability and Cost Effectiveness

Compute Engine

Because Quickfood is hosted on GCP and uses Compute Engine, you save monthly costs due to the scalability. This means that you are not limited by your hardware capabilities.

System Performance

Virtual Machine Technology


The Quickfood Application is hosted in the cloud using Virtual Machine Technology with Containers and Kubernetes when required. This means that SPEED and Performance is never a problem. And you only pay for the resources you choose to use.

Performance Scalability


As your application is installed, we optimize the Processors and RAM required to give you the best performance. As your Quickfood System grows in the years to come, the resources can easily be scaled up. No need to spend money on expensive hardware.

Customer Support

Tech Support

Tech Support

Quickfood comes with support integrated into the system. It is important that Quickfood users get live support instantly and keep their business working at all times. Support is available via phone, WhatsApp and Live Chat from the Admin Dash or POS Console.

Feature Request

Feature Request

Need additional functionality? Quickfood offers a Feature Request system that allows our customers to ask for new features to be added to the Quickfood system. New features are rolled out to everyone on the Quickfood system.

A POS Made For Stores And Retailers

Retail and Wholesale

  • Department Stores 
  • Speciality Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Hypermarkets
  • Clothing Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Shoe Stores
  • Electronic Stores
  • Furniture Stores

Restaurants and Hospitality

  • Coffee Shops
  • Bars
  • Taverns
  • Shisa Nyama
  • Deli’s
  • Take Away’s
  • Dinning
  • Lounges
  • Clubs
  • Bottle Stores
  • Tuck Shop & Kiosk

Service Process Overview

These are the steps we take from start to end to ensure that each customer receives personalized and dedicated service that results in a great experience and is topped with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

First Contact Icon

First Contact

Click the start button below and tell us your business requirements. After sending the form, a consultant will contact you.


Quote & Invoice

Once we know your requirements, we send you a quotation and finalize the arrangements for the concept meeting.

Content Icon


We have a phone meeting during which we finalize your requirements. Next, we deploy your application.

Design Icon


During the deployment phase, we configure your application, access, and security. After this, you simply log in and start using Quickfood.

Complete Icon


After deployment, we provide ongoing support. You get direct access from the admin and POS applications to our support team.

Good Reasons To Use Quickfood

Improving your business

Reliable and efficient systems form the backbone of any business. Creating and putting management systems in place can take a long time and cost lots of money.

Quickfood removes those problems for you, as the system is flexible to suit your requirements.

The result of having optimized systems in place is that your business performs better in all areas. Financially because of the reduction in losses, and the work environment becomes easier for everyone.

Automating Routine Systems

Time-saving automation of mundane, everyday tasks makes Quickfood a pleasure to use. Automated functions require minimum effort and
is designed to reduce the time you spend on data capturing.

There is no need for you to be sitting behind your desk all the time, as automation provides you all the required information you need to make decisions in real-time and with a glance. This way allows you to have more time to spend where it counts.

Improving Employee Workflow

Tools like the memo and product information make for the painless onboarding of new employees. The Quickfood system is easy to use and quick to learn and designed to minimize employee interaction.

The streamlined and efficient operation of Quickfood free employees from unnecessary tasks and allow them to focus on the clients. As a result, Quickfood creates a positive environment and experience for everyone.

A Collection Of Tools

The combination of a collection of tools makes up the admin and POS systems. Development of these tools happened in a live production environment. During the past years, these tools provided the functionality required to perform daily tasks.

This environment allowed for filtering the unnecessary parts. It also allowed the streamlining of required components. All of this means that you get tested tools, and if you need more functionality, we can add it in.

Flexible Cost-Effective Service

Cloud Enterprise Hosting


  • Scalable Processing Options Available
  • Scalable Storage Solutions Available
  • Complete Installation Of Services
  • Access From Anywhere
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Maintained Server Security
  • Low-Cost Options Available
  • Tech Support Included
  • Full Assistance With Setup

Some of Quickfood’s Features

This is a shortlist of features, the complete system includes much more than stated here.

Patrons Items

Patrons Purchased Items

Expand the patron timeline to see a detailed summary of each patron’s purchases and gambling payouts. This updates in real-time and allows you to know the exact amounts paid out and product items that got sold.

This feature acts as an early warning system that helps prevent running short on cash for payouts or stock items currently selling fast.

Stock count

Stock Count Slider

The full-stock count app allows staff to easily record levels using a slider that translates the position to the count in tots. The stock count app shows departmentalized progress and makes counting easy as staff members can see what items remain to be counted.

This stock count app lets you have the ability to perform spot checks at any time of the day. Stock counts update in real-time so that you can imminently identify stock level discrepancies.

Staff Performance

Staff Performance Summary

Each logged-in staff member gets access to performance reports showing the previous 14 days shift performance. Performance gets calculated to a total efficiency score. Factors that are taken into consideration to calculate the score is:

  • Shortages (Stock & Sales)
  • Timekeeping (Late Arrival)
  • Sales Targets Efficiency
Shift Planner

Shifts Planner

Booked shifts grants access to the sales nodes. The total wage for each shift gets shown with the daily total. Knowing the total amount spent on wage payouts makes it easier to budget expenses over time. By default, the system comes with five (5) different shift pre-sets for allocating time and location. These pre-sets can easily be adjusted in the configuration settings.

This shift planner saves time, money and allows you to have your better-performing staff members on the more demanding shifts.

Admin Profile

Patrons Profile Summary

Build better relationships with your patrons by knowing what effect they have on your sales and gambling payouts. The Patron’s Summary Tool displays all the captured data for each patron on a neat summary page.

Other information on this page includes lifetime-total payouts, total visits, the total number of payouts, average payouts and spend per visit, the biggest payouts, attendance rate and all the stored FIC related documents required by the government.


Stock Balance

Stay in charge of your stock levels and keep shrinkage and other losses at a minimum with the real-time stock balance tool. This tool integrates with the recipes functions. A, and incorporate the deduction of split tot amounts used when making cocktails. You can easily see low levels calculated concerning the past 14 days of sales and model stock levels.

This tool helps you to optimize your orders to ensure optimal stock retention times. Be sure to not end up with liquor stock that you can’t sell.


Memo Tool

Benefit from improved long term communications and reduction in paper costs. If you have experience working with memos as part of your business operations, you will know that reaching some shifts can be tricky. Not everyone is available at the same time. With this memo tool, you publish memos so that staff members receive a notification when signing in to the sales console. From the notification alert, staff can accept and confirm the new arrangements.

All the memos are available at all times, making it easy for new staff members to catch up.

Specials Manager

Specials Manager

Schedule your specials according to time and date, with stopping and starting times. This tool allows you to plan ahead and with ease. Scheduled specials adapt automatically on the sales console.

The Buttons to the items on promotion change to a red colour scheme so that cashiers can easily spot the items on special. Cashiers also receive a notification on the sales console dashboard, allowing cashiers to let customers in the bar know what items are on special.

Cocktail Recipes

Product Info Tool

Reduce the amount of training your employees need and improve their performance with this easy to use product information tool. Configure recipes instructions and descriptions via the admin console to show up on the sales console next to each product.

Products set as recipes can contain many ingredients. In turn, the correct measurements of the ingredients get deducted from the stock holding as the product sells. A thumbnail image indicating how the final product must look ensures that cocktail decorations do not go missing.

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