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How To Get Your Business Website

Let’s go from the start. Setting up a website always has different starting points, depending on what you have in place. What are the things to take into consideration with each new website?

  • Hosting
  • Domain name
  • Content
  • Taking Payments
  • Maintenance and Updates


Every website must exist somewhere, this is the place that stores your website files and it is permanently available on the internet. This space is called your host, or hosting account. We do not offer hosting services but assist our clients with getting a hosting account set up. Hosting accounts vary greatly in price and features offered by the host. We work closely with Afrihost.

If you have an existing hosting account, in 99% of the cases we will be able to create your website on your existing account. To enable us to build your website on your host we will need access. In some cases, hosts may not offer all the requirements, in cases like that we will give you suggestions on how to move forward.

For run of the mill or standard business websites we always suggest starting with a Bronze-Pro Linux Hosting Package with Afrihost. This includes 4Gig storage space, unlimited web traffic, many email accounts and database facilities. We have been using these hosting accounts for a very long time and can attest to their excellent functionality, especially with regard to technical details that determine the performance of your website.

More About Domain Names

Coupled to your hosting account is your Domain Name. Once again here you may have a domain name or not. Your domain name can also be referred to as your website address or URL – Uniform Resource Locator. A domain name can have Subdomains and comes with a variety of extensions eg. or .coom or .org and so on. We assist clients who do not have domain names to get the right available domain name and the registration of the domain name will be handled by your host.

New Domain Name

If you do not have a domain name, then a new domain will be registered this can be anything, but we suggest for South African based businesses. With Afrihost a domain will be registered for FREE for the first year. As with any domain name, the renewal will be charged after every 12 month period.

With a new domain name, there may be a downtime of up to 3 days for the domain to propagate. We use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for additional security and SPEED, this change will be included in the 72 hours propagation time.

Transfer of an Existing Domain name.

In the case where you do have a domain name available, we can transfer the domain to your account. The transfer happens via your host and relies on the release of your domain by your previous host or web design company, depending on how your domain name is registered. In some cases, domain names may not be released if you have outstanding invoices meaning that you will need to first resolve those issues before a transfer will be possible.

In the situation where we set up your hosting account for you, the host will send a transfer request ticket to the listed domain name admin, who then has to reply from the admin email address to allow the transfer.

What Goes On Your Website?

The Content

Your website needs to achieve many things crucial to its success in helping visitors to your website. The most important part is for visitors to be able to get to know your business. To make this goal possible we require the information from you. The more information you provide, the better we can structure the website. This is also up to your discretion what you want to share.

We use Google Drive and create a shared folder with our clients, in this folder you will be able to place the information that we use to build your website. Do not worry if you do not know how shared folders work, we personally assist you with video and in whatever way possible.

Here are some suggestions that will give the best results.

A list of all key personnel active at your business. This list needs to have the following details for each of the persons on the list. We will build a spreadsheet and drop it in the shared folder, so you can simply add entries to the spreadsheet.

Here is an example of the list:

NameSurnameOccupationWork EmailWork NoYears ActivePhoto
JohnDoeHandymanJohn [email protected]072 444 454510john_photo.jpg
Person 2Surname 2CEO[email protected]072 222 222220photo_name.jpg


The photos of each person on the list are the most important part. These photos will portray your professional identity and it is crucial to get them as good as possible. Only a single gust photo is required as in the example below. Please make them BIG at least 1200px x 800px – the size of a cellphone camera is perfect. Keep the background as neutral as possible, as I will be editing them.

Other Content

As mentioned before, this is a list of suggestions, the more you can give me the better. Please make sure that text must be in .docx or some form of text editor document or word format so that we will be able to edit it. This also helps to speed up the process. Here’s the list:

  • Media publications (Adverts, articles in the newspaper etc.)
  • Marketing materials (Any posters, flyers, brochures)
  • Application forms (Any forms you have related to your business)
  • Terms and conditions (Any legal documents related to your business)
  • Floor Plans and photos of accommodation (Group in types if possible)
  • A list of Amenities (What is your drawing cards? What attracts people to you)
  • Mission statements and Mottos etc.
  • Affiliations and Associates (Who do you work with and why?)
  • Community Commitments. (What do you do to support your local community)
  • B-BBE Status (If possible the certificate)
  • All CIPC or Company related information that is available to the public.
  • Channels of communication (All the ways people can contact you)
  • Remarkable or outstanding achievements. 
  • Group Photos (Maybe one or 2 of all the employees or management team)
  • General Photos (people and places at related to your business)

Setup and installation

With this website deal, you have complete back end access to the site so that you can easily create posts, upload images into your media library and publish your content once you are happy. 

Publish new content with confidence and know that your newly created content is eligible for search engine listing. To help you, we preload your website with plugins from reputable authors to guide you in creating new posts. The plugins come with the option to upgrade to paid versions for even more benefits.

The website consists of 2 parts, Pages and Posts. The pages make up the main framework and navigation, and we create all of them. The posts provide you with a blog where you can add as many posts as you like at any time you want. Let’s say you have an upcoming event or want to start a newsletter or anything really, you can use the posts to easily do that.

Basic Pre-installed plugins:

  • Template: Neve Free
  • Moblie Pages: AMP Free
  • Cookie Notice: Free plugin
  • Contact Form: Forminator Free
  • SEO: Rank Math Free

SSL: Setting up a specialized secure certificate is part of installing your website. If we do the installation of your website, then we install a free version self-signed certificate provided by the host unless you request a paid version for more advanced website setups.

Standard Included Pages

  • Home Page: This page contains your call to action, social proof, team members, brand values, brand definition and more.
  • Contact Page: The contact page contains all your contact information and a form for direct messaging.
  • Landing Pages: The landing pages are optimized to drive visitors to perform a certain call to action. Something like requesting a quote or joining a mailing list etc.
  • Brochure Pages: Brochure pages simply give details on your products or services and are meant to educate/inform your visitors.
  • Legal Pages: Two standard legal pages: Condition of Use and Privacy Policy explains to users the general T’s&C’s of using your website.

Product Delivery

In cases where we do the installation, there will be no delivery of data to be installed. However, you have all the files mentioned in the shared folder. You may need the data in the future, to move the website or get an administrator etc., this is what will be sent to you. 

You receive the following via a download location/link or shared folder on Google Drive:

  • Website: .zip WordPress files
  • Database: the .sql Database required to import into PHPMyAdmin
  • Screenshots: Screenshots of All Created Pages
  • Text: Basic created content text report


Once your website goes live, you have the opportunity to test your website and request 3 revisions. Note that revisions are valid for 21 Working days after you received your product. This is flexible, we most likely build it till you are happy!

Website Ownership

With all our projects, the customer becomes and retains full ownership of all the content. This includes the graphical elements created by us and textual content created during the building process and all the files as detailed in the section above.

Payment Gateway

In order to take Card Payments, you need a Payment Gateway that you must apply for and get approved using your banking and business registration details. Qwixby cannot do this for you. This means that if you are planning on taking card payments, you must provide Qwixby with credentials to access your Payment Gateway API. Do not worry, we will help you to get this setup, and it can be done at any time.

For more information regarding this visit:

A basic website is great to establish your online presence.

Email Accounts5
Admin AccessNo
Ads BudgetNo
Mentor SupportNo
Estimated Clicks ?
Est. Impressions ?

An active website that comes with marketing tools.

Email Accounts10
Admin AccessEditor
Ads BudgetNo
Mentor Support2 mths
Estimated Clicks ?
Est. Impressions ?

A complete solution with all the functionality you need.

Email Accounts20
Admin AccessEditor
Ads BudgetYes
Mentor Support12 mths
Estimated Clicks+900 mth
Est. Impressions15 000 mth

The Service Process

These are the steps we take from start to end to ensure that each customer receives personalized and dedicated service that results in a great experience and is topped with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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First Contact

Click the start button and tell us your needs. After sending the form, a consultant will contact you.


Quote & Invoice

Once we know your requirements, we send you a quote and an invoice to get started on your project.

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Content Collection

After the payment is made, we ask for as much information as you can supply us with to help build your site.

Design Icon

Design Process

Armed with the info we need, we jump in and build your website to a draft that you approve for release.

Complete Icon


Once you approve the draft copy, the site is made live and available to the public for visits.