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Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Need a brand? Let us help with the parts that link together and form your brand.

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Let’s start creating your brand identity.

Each new brand identity starts with how it is presented, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. That makes you want to get it right from the start. Helping you get the best presentation possible for your brand is in our blood and with these services below you can easily bring your brand into existence.

We start with a basic logo design option and then give you a corporate identity deal that covers even more parts of your branding process. Finally, we offer a custom design option if you need signage, menus, handbills, posters or any other types of design work. Take a look at the easy options below to start your brand today.

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Make your first impression last with a custom created logo design.

Up to three (3) concepts.
Includes up to two (2) reviews.
JPEG, PNG and PDF formats.
Flat graphic design. (no photos)
Up to full-colour pallet.
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Unify all your communication with this deal that covers a broad range.

Logo Design.
Business Card Design.
Letterhead Design.
Email Signature Design.
Facebook Page Banner Design.
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Want to bring your ideas to life? We can design whatever you need.

With this custom design deal, you have the freedom to commission us to create your dream designs.

Whatever you may need is possible, from big signage designs, menu covers and layouts to menu boards for your shop.

Creating a brand is far-reaching and includes the products and services all the way through to the colour you wrap your company cars in. The example project below started from scratch with only an idea in place, which makes a perfect sample to explain the thought process used. Some of our other content that deals with brand-related topics are Corporate Identity and Proposition Strategy.

The story of how we created BassMint’s Brand Identity

Creating a Brand 22logo

This job kicked off with only an idea in place. During our first meeting, the owner of #BassMint explained to me his concept and we brainstormed it a bit. The new business is a nightclub that will be hosting international and popular local house music DJ’s.

A suggestion came up that including the location some way in the name will be nice, as the previous logo was done a few years back and according to the street address, at number 22.

After a few suggestions it became as clear as daylight, the name must be a combination – BassMint. It immediately struck a chord, and for good reasons.

The location

This club was located in the basement section of a factory, that is exactly what BassMint Sounds like. We managed to pin down the location. One down couple left to go.

The Bass

I do not know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions house music is the low rumbling bass sound. The sound system in this place also contributes to the Bass part nicely… Trust me it’s bumping!

The first design cue that came to mind was the word Bass, it will have to be loud and bold.

The mint

Another part of our conversation that caught my attention was the amount of effort going into setting up the club. When someone refers to something being in a good condition, let’s say you want to buy a car, the term: Mint condition comes up often.

The mint, goes deeper. In order to create the feeling of a fresh new classy establishment, the word Mint also refers to the plant – mint. Was that just lucky or what?

It took some fiddling during the design, but eventually, I decided on a thinner font. The thin font helps to add a bit of class to the logo, but also creates the much-needed separation of our two words. With this in place, the two words can be placed tightly against each other to form a single word but still show both words separately.

Now we have a word injecting the FRESH new standard to be set by this club. But clubs must have something special of their own. And how will we get to that?

Creating a Brand

The Mint Leaf

You will think the mint leaf in the logo comes from the word mint, right? Well, no. The mint leaf came after suggesting a house cocktail. Once more this fell in place really nice, the perfect cocktail already exists,  it’s a Mojito.

A Mojito is made with mint leafs, Bacardi Rum, Soda water etc.

The slogan used creating a brand

The slogan “Night Time Entertainment” qualifies the name. The slogan/catchphrase plays 2 parts. First to ensure the viewer knows what this business does, and secondly, it fills the gap between the leaf and the name.

The colors we used to create the brand.

In the header, the logo is in a single color – Black. The thinking behind that is to create a logo that can be recognized even if the colors change. With that in place, the logo can be changed to look good on any type of backing. This way also makes life a bit easier when using other mediums like vinyl cut, or neon.

The colors we decided to use as brand colors are white and light green, it looks a bit like a Mojito.

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Creating a Brand flier

Putting this into action!

Creating is only the first step, now that we defined our brand “specs” as mentioned above, its time to put to work. The deadline for this was short and the first event is April 2nd, so I jumped right in and made the first poster.

The poster got printed in different sizes, depending on where they were going to be displayed. The sizes include A1, A3, and A6 used as fliers/handbills. The original design was done HUGE and that guaranteed high quality on all the printed media.

This is what the fliers turned to look like. Notice the address were added to the bottom on a black bar

Creating a Brand fliers printed by customer
Creating a Brand t-shits

Instant promotion – Creating a brand.

The owner decided to take this a step further and makeup t-shirts that is worn by the staff at this time, to get the brand and mostly the event advertised as soon as possible. This is how they turned out.

Social Magic

While the Signage is still on its way – “Will add those pix later”, I am working on the Facebook advertising. In order to do this, I added a post to the club owner’s website.

The post on the website gives a very detailed Artist autobiography – supplied by Ralf Gum’s management company.

To make use of Facebook advertising, I created a Facebook page, this gives you all the right tools for analysis and later optimization, while building a following. The page header looks like this:

Creating a Brand facebook banner

Conclusion to creating a brand.

We concluded our project with stickers that were handed out before, at, and after the event. The artist’s management company supplied all the photos of Ralf gum. For BassMint this was only the beginning of the new #BassMint Brand but in three weeks we managed to get everything done and dusted.

Now our happy client has a base to work from, which is already picking up speed. It can only grow and become a well-known brand, from here.

Let’s Connect, visit our Facebook Page.

Be No1 With This Easy Brand Design Service. - Qwixby
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Creating a brand is far-reaching and includes the products and services. This job started right from beginning to end.

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