Real-time Stock Management

Stock Balance


Never wonder about your inventory again. Know exactly how much stock you have. The inventory gets updated with each transaction.

Daily Counts


Single out priority products to be counted in and out on each shift. This allows you to identify the shift responsible for losses.

Products Manager


Easily configure each stock item, get automated foot cost and create combinations of products with the product manager.



Run specials hassle-free. This feature allows for time settings to start and stop specials. The POS notifies cashiers of active specials.

Stock Balance

Accurate stock management is a vital part of any retail business.

Never Run Short On Stock

The low-level report shows products that will run out before the next delivery. This allows not only for making better orders but prevents over-ordering and minimizes stock retention times. Optimizing stock levels reduces losses and allows for better cash management.

Real-Time Stock Levels

Preventing stock outages is easy with Quickfood, as the stock levels get updated with each transaction. The dashboard Sales Panel shows live stock levels, Items sold. Items sold at special prices, recipes ingredients and items sold on account, is shown in different colours.

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Stock Management Overview

  • Dashboard Sales Panel.
  • Daily Count.
  • Stock Locations.
  • Easy Counting Tool.
  • Specials Manager.
  • Stock Holding Report.
  • Product Manager.

Dashboard Sales Panel

The Quickfood dashboard offers many views that include charts and data regarding all the processes happening in the business in real-time. The sales panel summarizes All sales-related information that includes a stock level panel on all items sold. The Products Sold pane shows a thumbnail summary of products and quantities. Below, in the sales details, a complete summary of products sold, that include: Description, Open Count, Quantity Sold, Stock added and Current stock levels.

Live Stock levels

Sales Panel

The Items listed in the Sales Panel is colour coded to indicate the different items used as Recipe ingredients, Specials, Manager Account and Credit Account items.

Daily Count

In situations where certain products go short on a regular basis, you can allocate them to the daily count tool. This notifies the cashier to count the product at the beginning of their shift and at the end, before cash up. With these counts, shortages can be pinpointed to a specific shift.

Admin_Daily Count
Admin Daily Count Balance
Daily Count Notice
POS Count Notification
POS Daily Count
Pos Daily Count Tool

Stock Locations

Full Stock Counts can be done at any time and allow for 3 different locations. This provides the ability to have stock, as in the case of a restaurant, to be located in Bar One, Bar Two and Storeroom.

Stock Count Locations
3 Different Stock Locations

Easy Counting Tool

Counting stock is easy for POS operators with the full count tool. The full count tool separates all the products into categories and shows thumbnail images that serve as selectors to count stock items. The responsively designed full count tool is perfect to be used on a tablet or other mobile devices. Therefore, eliminating the need to write down counts. So the count can be done at the stock or storage locations.

Full Count Tool
POS Stock Count Tool

Specials Manager

Creating specials, keeping track of how many are sold and selling specials is all automated. The admin specials control tool allows for products to be added as specials, where price adjustments can be made. Furthermore, you can select the dates and times to make the specials active. Each special calculates the foot cost and display the discount while the product is on special.

Specials Admin
Admin Specials Tool
Pos Specials Dash
Cashier Specials Notification & Shortcut
Pos Specials Select
Specials Indicator

Cashiers receive a notification that also serves as a shortcut to each product on special. This makes it easy to tell customers about specials and ring specials. All the special features are automated on the POS and prevent the sale of products on special when they are not.

Stock Holding Report

The Stock Holding Report provides chart and table data related to stock levels, stock sold and stock added. With this tool, you can easily see if your stock is running low or if you are keeping too much inventory on your shelves.

Stock Holding

Product Manager

The Product Manager is a powerful tool to configure each product in your inventory. This is where you assign images, create recipes, enter product details and descriptions. Descriptions are handy when employees need to combine ingredients to make a single product. In the details panel, you select product configurations like suppliers, pack size, count inclusion etc. This panel automatically calculates foot costs so that you can easily maintain profit margins.

Products Dash
Admin Products Dash
Products Editor
Admin Product Edit
Products Pos
POS Product Info

On the operator end or the POS part, the products are clearly shown with an information tab on products configured with details and methods. This is a great help for new employees that still need to learn recipes, it can also be used via a tablet when taking orders from customers, to show them more details on a specific product.

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