It’s All About The People


The profiles feature allows for the easy management of employee profiles and patron profiles, with regard to FICA compliance.


The Patrons feature give you information about your patron’s shopping habits. Know exactly who spends what where and when.


The memo tool is the perfect way to communicate work regulations and arrangements with employees. It also makes onboarding a breeze.


The ticketing system is created to handle various employee-related functions, which includes, leave time and performance notes.

Memo Index

Improving communication and building relationships is easy with Quickfood.

Communication With Employees

Easily reap the benefits of improved communication with your employees with the following tools:

  • Memos
  • Live Chat
  • Tickets

Deepen Customer Relationships

The first step towards building better relationships with your customers is to understand their needs and shopping habits. Quickfood hosts various ways to get customer-related information.

People Related Features Overview

  • Profiles.
  • Patrons.
  • Memos.
  • Tickets System.
  • Live Chat.
  • Birthdays.
  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment.


Quickfood Profiles is related to both customers and employees. With the admin, profiles tool comes features like assigning categories to patrons and staff. These categories include two different Employee types, Managers, Archives for Resigned employees, Customers, Blacklist, and Disabled profiles. The profile index displays each profile as a thumbnail image and is easily searchable.

Profile details stored for employee profiles include Personal info, Contact info, Position info, Profile Notes, Summary of agreed memos and Access info. Customer profiles include information like LPM Gaming Payout details, Number of visits, Fic Compliance for punters and attendance rate.

The POS application allows cashiers to update and add patron images and personal information.

Admin Profiles Index
Admin Profiles Index
Admin Profiles Details
Admin Profile Details
POS Profiles
POS Profile Editor


Taking better care of customers starts by knowing each customer’s involvement in your business. The Patrons Tool is perfect for the job. It gives you the ability to summarize clients into various groups over time. In the example below, clients are grouped into gaming, bar only or gaming and bar. Each group shows the patron thumbnail and a total spend or payout over the time selected.

Each Patron summary shows the products purchased or Gaming Payouts in this case where LPM’s are enabled. This information gives you insight as to what the selected client likes to purchase. By knowing customers shopping preferences, you have the knowledge to customize specials and promotions or even reward selected patrons.

Patrons Summary
Patrons Analytics Summary
Patrons Info
Selected Patron Details


The Memo Tool is a powerful communication tool between employees and management staff. Memos can only be created on the admin interface with publishing options. These options include publishing to all members or only admins. The main purpose of memos is to convey operating information, like procedures and arrangements. When a memo is published, employees receive a notification on their POS console. Each memo notification will continue to show until the employee confirms that they have read and understood the memo.

Each profile displays the memos that were agreed upon by each employee in their profile summary. This works really well when onboarding new employees, as they will have to read all the outstanding memos before gaining access to the POS application. The memo system allows for comments and replies to comments. New Comment or memo notifications appear on both the admin and POS dashboards.

Memo Index
Admin Memo Index
Admin Memo Read Status
POS Memo Read
POS Memo Reader

Ticket System

Quickfood Tickets offers an additional way to improve communication between management and employees with the added ability to affect employee wages. An example will be in the case of leave time being paid out. Tickets are created on the admin side of the application and is shown to the employees on the POS application.

Tickets are perfect to point out problems to a certain employee in regard to their performance, deduct losses, give performance bonuses etc. Ticket entries are shown on the automated payslips.

Admin Ticket Index
Admin Ticket Create
Ticket Payslip
Payslip Ticket Info
Ticket POS
POS Ticket Index

Live Chat

Live chat is exactly as the name suggests. Stay in constant communication with each employee on duty. This is handy when doing cash ups remotely, as the manager can instruct employees to lock up and start doing the cash up. The chat app shows send and read times so that the sender knows the message is received. Employees can chat with other employees to relay shift change information.

Live Chat
Live Chat


Birthdays are important when it comes to knowing your patrons. The Dashboard gives notification of birthdays on the selected operating date. Contact information is included on the birthday’s index page.

Admin Birthdays
Birthdays Index Page

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

The Covid-19 Risk assessment form is mandatory for many businesses. Using paper to stay compliment can cost a lot. Therefore, the Quickfood POS application includes a risk assessment form to be completed at the time customers enters the shop.

Covid Risk Assessment
Covid-19 Risk Assessment

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