Cash-up, Expenses, Invoices and LPM Payouts.



Easily start and track cash-ups on the POS nodes, remotely. A single-click End Of Day balances and reports all transactions.



Control spending and keep track of expenses with the expenses tools integrated into the admin and POS applications.



The admin application provides a separate invoice management solution. This makes keeping track of supplier accounts easy.

Gaming Payouts


LPM gaming payouts is completely separated from sales and come with various tools to maintain FIC compliance.

Cash Tools

Save time, improve accuracy and reduce losses with the various cash features.

Remote Cash-up Functions

Start cash-ups and follow the cashier through each step of the cash-up process from the admin dash. The process is split into 3 easy steps that are performed on the POS console. These are:

  • Count Cash
  • Remove Cash
  • Double Check Float

End Of Day Balance And Report

Once all the cash-ups is completed, the End Of Day is as simple as a single click to start and the Quickfood system will reset for a new day.

Cash Related Features Overview

  • 3 Step Cash-up.
  • Cash-up Summary.
  • Expenses And Invoices.
  • Cash Flow.
  • LPM Payouts.
  • Performance Tracking.

3 Step Cash-up

The timeline makes it possible for the manager to select a good time to close the shop, according to how many customers are in the shop. A cash-up button for each active sales node only shows once all parked tables are closed, not allowing cash-ups to happen while there are still outstanding payments. The cash-up can only be started from the admin panel.

In situations where daily counts are required, the cashier first gets directed to the daily count sheet to complete the count before starting the cash-up process. The cash-up process on the sales node consists of 3 easy steps. First, the cash is counted and confirmed as correct. Secondly, the correct amount is removed from the cash-up, leaving the float. The third and final step allows for the float to be double-checked and confirmed by the cashier.

Following the progress of each cash-up is easy as the admin console displays the active steps. Once a cash-up is completed, the manager can then allocate the removed cash to the next person on shift or back to petty cash. The cashier is clocked out once the count is completed.

Cash Monitor
Admin Sales Node Monitor
Admin Cashup Status
Admin Cash-up Process
POS Cashup
POS Cash-up Process

Cash-up Summary

The cash-up summary is the cash balance for the entire day and allows for a breakdown view of each sales node, as shown below. This summary contains all the cash related information for each shift and includes information about:

  • Floats
  • Cash Removed
  • Payouts & Expenses
  • Total sales (z-reading)
  • Accounts Info etc.
Cashup Summary
Admin Cash-up Summary

Expenses & Invoices

Keeping track of expenses and invoices is made easy with Quickfood. Expenses get booked out on the sales nodes, and the admin console hosts a tool for each of the expenses and invoices. These tools allow for easy filtering by category and cashier, or by using the search filter. Editing or adding entries is easy in the admin tool, which also allows for date range selections. This makes it really simple to answer questions like: “How much was spent on milk in the last 2 months?” A simple search will display the total over time.

Expenses Tool
Admin Expenses Tool

Cash Flow

The cash flow tool is a key part of the cash-up, especially in the case where you have LPM gaming machines or cases where the float on a sales node get changed during the run of the day. This makes moving cash between sales nodes easy, allows for banking, and is part of the daily cash balance. Another usage case for the cash flow is when you have pool tables and remove cash that must be added to the petty cash.

Admin Cash Flow
Cash Flow

LPM Payouts

Anyone with LPM Gaming machines knows that it is difficult to stay in the FIC regulations for payout limits when relying on manual book entries. Quickfood solves this problem. The LPM summary notifies cashiers of limits made and generate the required FIC Forms to be signed by the punter. Furthermore, the system stores all the required information, including positive identification documents like ID cards or drivers licenses.

The payouts tool in the admin console allows for filtering by the cashier, punter name or machine number. This makes getting totals over any time period very easy.

LPM Summary
Admin Live LPM Summary
Gaming Payout Tool
Admin Payout Tool

Performance Tracking

Tracking performance is crucial, and Quickfood offers many ways to keep an eye on performance. The POS summary on the dash shows real-time cash balances combined with target progress. Colour coded bar charts makes it possible to understand the current position at a glance. The targets chart is an informative tool that clearly indicates the current daily performance vs. the daily targets.

Cashup Monitor
Admin Cash Monitor
Performance Tracking
Performance Tracking

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