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The Brochure Website

The Brochure Website Deal is perfect for starting your online presence. It is a low-cost option perfect for starting out on the internet.

Business Startup

Effortlessly get sales leads directly in your email inbox.

This Brochure Website Deal for small business websites and online presence, is effortless and easy to use. Therefore, we regard these deals as start-up packages that provide customers with optimized hosting space, and e-mail accounts to reduce costs. So, you get enough resources to create an online presence and start generating traffic and stay cost-effective.

The Brochure Deal

Hosting12 months
Domain (
Email Accounts5
Admin AccessNo
Ads BudgetNo
Mentor SupportNo
Estimated Clicks ?
Est. Impressions ?

R 216.00 per month

Brochure Website Payment Options

This deal requires a once-off payment to start the job. Therefore once-off payments cover 12 months of hosting, free domain name and website maintenance.

Email Accounts

To start, you supply us with your email addresses and we set them up for you. Please keep in mind that email accounts do use the allocated hosting space. Therefore you may after some time passed reach a point where your space becomes limited. Therefore, in such cases, we do offer additional hosting space deals.

Brochure Website Pages

Website pages included in this deal are:

  • Home Page.
  • About Us page.
  • Contact Page.
  • Two additional service or product pages.

Additional pages can be added at R 550,00 per page.

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The Service Process

These are the steps we take from start to end to ensure that each customer receives personalized and dedicated service that results in a great experience and is topped with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

First Contact Icon

First Contact

Click the start button and tell us your needs. After sending the form, a consultant will contact you.


Quote & Invoice

Once we know your requirements, we send you a quote and an invoice to get started on your project.

Content Icon

Content Collection

After the payment is made, we ask for as much information as you can supply us with to help build your site.

Design Icon

Design Process

Armed with the info we need, we jump in and build your website to a draft that you approve for release.

Complete Icon


Once you approve the draft copy, the site is made live and available to the public for visits.

What is the Brochure deal about

This Brochure Website deal is for people looking to establish a no effort online presence. If your goal is to set up a place on the internet where people can get to know your business, this is the deal for you.

The Brochure Website deal comes with a collection of pages that encourages visitors to make contact with your business. With the free domain name and email accounts included, your communications present as professional. Furthermore, you have something to share widely on social media and educate visitors about your business.

The payment structure is comfortable, as you make a single payment every 12 months. From the moment we launch your website, we apply updates and maintain your website on search engines. All you do is respond to the contacts that your website drives to your email inbox or WhatsApp.

Included in the Brochure Website deal

A good website seamlessly interacts with social media. Therefore, we start by making sure you have the required tools to make your content look good on social media. Something that is not always an easy task.

Search 300 Image

As part of our Brochure Website service, we add your domain to Google Search, Google My Business and Bing. That will make it possible for people to find your website on the internet. Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools allow us to regularly check and improve your website’s search performance.

We take it a step further and create or optimize your Facebook Page. That includes a header banner and posts that will drive visitors to your newly created website pages.

The next part is email. By signing up for this deal, you get five (5) domain email addresses. All you have to do is tell us the email addresses you need, and we will configure them for you. Once that is done, we send you the instructions to set up your email software.

More about the website

When it comes to building your website, it is all about presenting your brand message and identity in the best way possible. Ideally, your domain name must be your business name. Therefore, we check for availability and register the name you decide on.


Next up, templates. We use high quality, tried and tested templates. Your website must perform well. The layout and design of your website get done with custom code and are not dependent on the template used. This gives us the flexibility to make your website look and do what you have in mind.

Website Structure

The core of your website is made up of pages. The pages that we include are as follows:

  • Home Page: This page contains your call to action, social proof, team members, brand values, brand definition and more.
  • About Page/s: We include one or two about pages, depending on services and/or product availability.
  • Contact Page: The contact page contains all your contact information and a form for direct messaging.
  • Two (2) landing or brochure pages: The landing pages will be optimized to drive visitors to perform a certain call to action. Something like requesting a quote or joining a mailing list etc. Brochure pages simply give details on your products or services and are meant to educate/inform your visitors.

As a bonus, we create thank you pages for all your landing pages without additional charge. That allows for better analytical tracking of your website’s performance with conversion tracking.

Website Content

Presenting good quality content is crucial as it affects your ranking position in search engines. The question is, what determines the quality of content, and how do you apply best practices? Here are some of the factors we take into consideration:

  • Relevance
  • Keywords
  • Sentiment
  • Tone
  • Readability
  • Passive voice
  • Transition Words

Often website design agencies directly publish the content you provide. We go the extra step and make sure the content you supply is SEO audited and contribute positively to your website and search engine ranking.


Safety and security is a standard issue with all our websites. By the time your website goes live, it is protected against various DDoS attacks, Bots that try to log in and spam comments. Security is a very diverse subject and can be applied in many ways, for many types of precautions. Some of the standard precautions we take are as follows:

  • Security starts with the host. We host all our websites with a trusted third party. They provide 99% uptime guarantees and many security features as part of their service.
  • We make use of CDN services. A CDN comes with security and speed benefits.
  • reCAPTCHA is a standard security feature we add to all submission forms.
  • Comments management requires moderation before the comments appear on the site.
  • Selected users, regions, or IP ranges can effortlessly be blacklisted.

There is more, but rest assured, we constantly monitor all our client websites and assist with security problems that may arise. In the long run, we can assure you that you will not be bothered by attacks. We mention only a few of the precautions we take. Additionally, you are more than welcome to contact us for upgraded services for your website at any time.

Time to live

Everyone is eager to get their website online as soon as possible. We know that and work towards publishing your website as quick as possible. In most cases, the time to make your website available online is dependent on how much content is on the site. Our goal is to get your website online and available within ten (10) working days, and in some cases, it may be possible to make the time shorter.

We follow a tried and tested method that allows us to get your website live as soon as possible, but in a framework, draft style and then apply additions and optimizations on content after. This method is advantageous, as data about your website performance start logging quicker. With that said, all ranking and performance indicators take time to accumulate. Especially for New domains, search engines need to build confidence and trust in your website and make sure your content displays correctly.


Website performance is another topic we can write a book on, but not here. What you need to know is that a website’s performance gets measured in many ways. It is important to note that the better your website performs on the internet, the better it will rank in search engines. Here is a short-list of some of the things we take into consideration when developing a website:

Speedo red icon
  • Apply SEO best practices to on and off-page elements.
  • Attention to Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor.
  • Implement GTmetrix to monitor site performance.
  • Utilize Content Delivery Networks — CDN.
  • Deliver graphical content in modern optimized formats.
  • Apply new graphical content optimization during upload.
  • Implement multiple ways to manage script delivery.
  • Reduce render-blocking.

The list above is only to name a few of the best practices we use to enhance performance. A last important enhancement element we add to all our websites includes Structured Snippets for Rich Content enhancement on search engines.

We understand that user experience plays a key role in search engine performance. Therefore, we implement AMP — Accelerated Mobile Pages. This enables your website’s posts to display in AMP format on mobile devices, with the option to revert to the normal page formats.

Website Ownership

With all our projects, the customer becomes and retains full ownership of all the content and domain name. This includes the graphical elements created by us and textual content created during the building process. Therefore, our clients have the right to move their domain with all it’s content to any other service supplier at their will.

In the case of third party services, access will be granted where possible. In regard to moving third party accounts, it is dependent on availability. Not all third party accounts allow change of ownership. Rest assured knowing that we will give our best to assist you with creating new accounts.

The Brochure Website deal goes beyond the website.

We take care of all our client websites and visit them regularly. That’s right, we constantly visit your site and perform maintenance to make sure everything stays up to date. After all, your website’s health is important to us. Another part of our service involves Google Analytics.

We set up and monitor all our websites with Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives us valuable feedback on your website’s performance. We use this feedback to constantly fine-tune your website until it reaches optimal performance. Furthermore, every month we email you an update from analytics. This email shows performance statistics and keeps you up to date with how your website is performing.

We make sure that we use SEO best practices as far as we go, to deliver optimum performance with our websites. By keeping SEO in mind, we also make sure that all our websites follow the mobile-first philosophy. Therefore, ensuring the best mobile performance across multiple platforms.

Satisfaction Guarantee Medal

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed to give you peace of mind. You will also be happy to know that you are not bound by any contract and can cancel your services at any time you like.

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