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Effortless Leads


Get sales leads directly in your email inbox. Spend your time on the things that count, and leave the advertising to us.


This one-stop solution comes with all the digital assets included. It is really as simple as setting your budgets and getting leads.

Budget Control


You are in full control of your budget. Never get surprise accounts by setting limits on your campaigns.

No Strings


Stop and start your advertising as it suits you. With no contracts, you are free to get leads as it suits you.

Marketing Plan

What is the plan, and how does it work?

Effortless Marketing

Our goal as a digital marketing agency is to provide customers with an effortless solution. A way to get business sales leads with ease. The result of this business marketing strategy is that you receive business sales leads in your email inbox.

Complete Solution

In the spirit of providing a complete solution, we put together a customised digital marketing strategy tailored for your business requirements.

As part of the lead acquisition strategy, we use your website or create a website if you need one. Then go online with Google Ads to generate leads. We are Google Ads Certified.

Budget Control

You are in full control of your advertising budget, and choose how much you want to spend per month. This gives you flexibility. However, we do a quote with suggested cost limits that will yield the best results.

No Strings Attached

We follow a comfortable approach, meaning there are none of the marketing agency contracts locking you in place. You decide when to start and stop your campaigns.

Lead Generation Strategy Overview

  • Consultation Session.
  • Campaign Boot Up.
  • Digital Assets.
  • Lead Reporting.
  • Optimization.
  • Billing & Accounts.
  • Customer Reference.

Consulting Session

The free consulting session is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how we generate leads for you. Each business comes with different demands, and the purpose of our call is to pin down your needs. We discuss everything about the type of leads you need, how many, and costing. After our conversation, we make and send you a quote.

Campaign Boot Up

Armed with your products and services information, we start by creating the required digital assets. The creating part takes about a week if we need to build a website for you. With your digital assets in place, the leads can start coming in. As mentioned before, you get the lead information directly in your email inbox.

Digital Assets

Digital assets refer to all the different parts that make up your marketing campaign. There are two main parts, the first is a website. The second part is the Google Ads Account. The Ads account consists of various campaigns, which in turn contains ad groups populated with ads. Don’t worry if you do not have a website, we will create one for you.

Google Ads comes with many campaign types and ways to configure them and work closely to your website. The main purpose of the website is to provide landing pages. The landing pages hosts, lead submission forms, that collects the leads to your inbox.

In the case where we build a website for you, the domain name, email accounts and website belongs to you. You are not tied in with a contract and can move your website at any time.

Lead Reporting

It is crucial to know as much as possible about the entire campaign. To get on top of that, we use Google Analytics. Here is an article on Performance Tracking with detailed information. We set up conversion tracking, this allows for weekly reports to be generated and emailed to you. These reports not only show you the performance, but allows for constant optimization.


Providing you with the most bang for your buck, is our objective. We closely and constantly monitor all campaigns, and optimize them. Normally, new campaigns will in the first couple of days result in some lower quality leads. But as time pass and with constant optimization, we focus each campaign to deliver the best results. It is a known fact that the longer your campaigns run, the better they will perform.

We apply many optimization methods, not only on Google Ads, but also to the website. The first being on and off-page SEO. You can read more about that here. Another interesting read is this article with 15 ways to improve performance. From these articles, you will notice that speed is important. We optimize everything from images, to CSS scripts and Java Scripts to improve performance.

Optimization contributes to your ad quality, as better optimized sites provides higher ad performance. This means lower cost per click.

Billing & Accounts

The quote you get from us, covers all the payment details and costs in full detail, there are no hidden costs. Account structures vary from customer to customer, but in general, there are two monthly payments to be made. These are the management account and the advertising budget account. The management account, you pay via EFT to us, every month. Where the advertising account, is coupled directly to your credit card.

As part of our agreement, you specify an upper limit for the advertising account. The management account is a set amount. To make sure all your accounts is secure, and the correct payments goes off, is of the highest priority to us. And for that reason, we send you a billing notice/invoice every month. This invoice includes full details on all the deductions.

With regard to the advertising budget, you are not tied in to a minimum or set amount. You have full control and can increase or decrease your budget at any time. We configure your campaign on a daily budget upper limit. This may some days exceeded, and other days not reach the limit. The important part is that over a period of one month, your limit will not be exceeded.

Customer Reference

Liquoract.com is one of our longest standing clients, they have made use of our services for more than 5 years. Needless to say, in this time, we provided them with an endless supply of business leads.

liquoract.com Logo

Liquoract.com is set on a R1,000.00 per month upper limit and receives more than 2480 visitors per month. These visitors generate more than 7565 page views, where 36% of them is returning visits. These are visitor related stats and does not include the conversions and actual leads, generated.

The liquoract.com website includes a blog, filled with topic related articles, and an easy to use, mobile optimized application feature. This application feature guides prospective applicants according to their license type and province. Finally, the prospective client downloads a relevant quote and further information regarding the licensing process. With this application in place, Liquoract gets many leads per day.

We take it a step further

Together with the lead form submission, we collect the prospective clients, into the sales funnel, by means of a third party online application. This application enables various automated features, that allows for remarketing and makes up a crucial part of the liquoract.com retention strategy.

In Conclusion

All of this may sound overwhelming, but rest assured, we are here to assist you each step of the way! Get your sales leads going!

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