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6 Key Elements Of Landing Pages

Landing pages, what are they and why use them? Landing pages are not normal website pages, these pages are created with a dedicated purpose to convert visitors into buyers or subscribers.

Website Traffic

15 Ways to increase traffic to your website

How do you increase traffic to your website? Your website is a powerful tool, but just like any other tool, it is useless if you leave it lying somewhere in a box. A metaphorical box. So, the right question is: How do you use it?

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Easy Performance Tracking Benefits

Performance tracking becomes possible due to the steps taken when people are buying something. It is a known fact that people purchase goods in stages. Knowing how people behave on your website is important.

Google Ads

Easy Google Ads For More Conversions

Google ads refer to the paid links you find to the top of most searches you make on Google. Google Ads appear at the top of search result pages and they are marked with the letters AD. These ads are part of an advertising application service offered by Google and formally know as Google Adwords or Google Ads.

Retention Strategy

Retention Strategy To Improve Performance

The fourth heading we’re looking at in this post series deals with retention strategy. The motivation behind a good retention strategy is to provide your visitors with enough feasible reason to return to your site.